Title: Spilled Milk: Based On a True Story, Author: K.L Randis
Title: Eighteen Winters, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: Shore Road, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: Every Summer, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: The Beachgoers, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: Coyote Songs, Author: Gabino Iglesias
Title: Dear Laura, Author: Gemma Amor
Title: Getting Played, Author: Emma Chase
Title: Widowed 2: Now I Live, Author: John Polo
Title: Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse, Author: Dean Henderson
Title: how to date a widow 101, Author: John Polo
Title: What You See, Author: Cherise Sinclair
Title: All the Stars, Author: Duckie Mack
Title: The Effing List, Author: Cherise Sinclair
Title: Not a Hero, Author: Cherise Sinclair
Title: I think I saw a Bug, Author: Madeline Outler
Title: Currents Deep and Deadly, Author: Arleen Alleman
Title: Where Are We Tomorrow?, Author: Tavi Taylor Black
Title: A Primer for Widowhood, Author: Patricia M Snyder
Title: The Secret Sexual Sins of the Founding Fathers and America: The Tragedy of Abused Slave Women, Author: Phillip Thomas Tucker

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