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Title: Spilled Milk: Based On a True Story, Author: K.L Randis
Title: Eighteen Winters, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: Every Summer, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: Shore Road, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: Coyote Songs, Author: Gabino Iglesias
Title: The Beachgoers, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: Healing of the Wolf, Author: Cherise Sinclair
Title: Math Games: Amazing New Math Learning Games for Kids!, Author: Shawn Azami
Title: Dear Laura, Author: Gemma Amor
Title: Shadow, Author: Tyler Brooks
Title: Widowed 2: Now I Live, Author: John Polo
Title: Not a Hero, Author: Cherise Sinclair
Title: What You See, Author: Cherise Sinclair
Title: They Call Me Pathfinder: Education-Basketball-Equality, Author: Mark Pathfinder Epstein
Title: The Wildwoods: Family Secret, Author: Cathy Wilson
Title: Currents Deep and Deadly, Author: Arleen Alleman
Title: how to date a widow 101, Author: John Polo
Title: My Grandma's Guardian Angels, Author: Lindsay DeRollo
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Title: FEAR NOT THE DRAGON: Fear not the Dragon, Tho' Slay you it Might, If you're Failing in Courage, or Don't do what's Right. Fear not the Dragon, Tho' Slay you it Can. How he Deals with Dragons, Is how we Measure a Man., Author: Vern Maine
Title: Joseph Chapman: My Molly Life, Author: James Lovejoy

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