Title: Queen Victoria and The Romanovs: Sixty Years of Mutual Distrust, Author: Coryne Hall
Title: No Earthly Pole: The Search for the Truth about the Franklin Expedition 1845, Author: Ernest C. Coleman Pre-Order Now
Title: On a Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic, Author: Tad Fitch
Title: Black Death: A New History of the Bubonic Plagues of London, Author: Stephen Porter
Title: Jurassic Park Collectibles, Author: Kristof Thijs
Title: Celtic Queen: The World of Cartimandua, Author: Jill Armitage
Title: Classic Trucks, Author: Roy Dodsworth
Title: The Magical History of Britain, Author: Martin Wall
Title: King Cnut and the Viking Conquest of England, Author: W. B. Bartlett
Title: Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of France and England, Mother of Empires, Author: Sara Cockerill
Title: Alarmstart: The German Fighter Pilot's Experience in the Second World War: Northwestern Europe - From the Battle of Britain to the Battle of Germany, Author: Patrick G. Eriksson
Title: The Book of Merlin: Magic, Legend and History, Author: John Matthews Pre-Order Now
Title: The Anglo-Saxon Age: The Birth of England, Author: Martin Wall
Title: West Coast Main Line Freight Trains, Author: Jonathan Lewis
Title: Shakespeare and the Making of America, Author: Kevin J. Hayes Pre-Order Now
Title: The Dark Side of Japan: Ancient Black Magic, Folklore, Ritual, Author: Antony Cummins
Title: Nursing Churchill: Wartime Life from the Private Letters of Winston Churchill's Nurse, Author: Jill Rose
Title: Edward II: The Unconventional King, Author: Kathryn Warner
Title: Steam Trains: The Magnificent History of Britain's Locomotives from Stephenson's Rocket to BR's Evening Star, Author: Colin Maggs MBE
Title: Anne Boleyn: Henry VIII's Obsession, Author: Elizabeth Norton

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