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Title: The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life, Author: Ambrosia Hawthorn
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Title: Seasons of Wicca: The Essential Guide to Rituals and Rites to Enhance Your Spiritual Journey, Author: Ambrosia Hawthorn
Title: Anyone Can Be a (Perfect) Witch, Author: Ambrosia Hawthorn
Title: The Wiccan Book of Shadows: A Magical Guide to Personalizing Your Own Spells and Rituals, Author: Ambrosia Hawthorn
Title: Wicca Book of Spells Witches' Planner 2021: A Wheel of the Year Grimoire with Moon Phases, Astrology, Magical Crafts, and Magic Spells for Wiccans and Witches, Author: Lisa Chamberlain
Title: Die Magie in dir: Witchcraft - Sprüche und Rituale, die dein Leben verändern, Author: Ambrosia Hawthorn
Title: The Contemporary Witch: 12 Types & 50+ Spells and Rituals for Advancing Witches to Find Their Path [Witches Handbook, Modern Witchcraft, Spells, Rituals], Author: Ambrosia Hawthorn Pre-Order Now