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Title: It's Time to Pray: A Child's Guide to Prayer, Author: Georgia Holmes
Title: Victory Stolen: The Perspectives of a Helicopter Pilot on the Tet Offensive and Its Aftermath, Author: David Earl Henard
Title: UNDERMINING THE U.S. CONSTITUTION: How the Communist Manifesto of 1848 Blueprints the Actions of the Democratic Party and President Obama, Author: Diane Vann
Title: Two Daniels, Author: Judith M. Leftoff
Title: 101 Great Recipes, Author: Chef John Dye
Title: Fight or Flight: The Ultimate Book for Understanding and Managing Stress, Author: Gary R. Plaford
Title: Healing Psalms, Author: Joshua O. Haberman
Title: Identical Companions: Birth Through Nineteen: Autobiography From Childhood Diaries, Author: Judith M. Leftoff
Title: The Adventures of Professor Poodle & Auggie: Let's Collect the Alphabet, Author: Mark A. Vogel
Title: Mind War, Author: Michael Aquino
Title: Batting Rocks Over The Barn: An Iowa Farm Boy's Odyssey, Author: Lawn Griffiths
Title: Supernatural Collection of Horror Anthologies, Author: MINGIN IRN
Title: Rubic Cube of Quotes: 800, Author: Michael Kost
Title: Memoirs: The Legacy of a Professional Football Player, Author: Charles Ray Jefferson
Title: Lyme Disease In Horses, Author: DVM Dipl. ABVP (Equine) Reilly
Title: Red Mesa Café: the blog collection, Author: Greg Gnesios
Title: How To Pray In Combat When Your Mind Is Off: How to be prayed up, Author: Martin Latigue
Title: A Reason Why to Ask Why, Author: Mark  A. Murray
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Title: Christian Poems: From The Heart Of A Country Boy, Author: Michael Wynkoop
Title: Tick Tock Universe: A Harvester Adventure Series, Author: Richard W. Chamberlain

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