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Title: Newport News Through the 20th Century, Author: Amy Waters Yarsinske
Title: Abandoned Upstate New York, Author: Nicholas Long
Title: Abandoned Iowa: Vacant Heartland, Author: Mitch Nicholson
Title: American Prisoner of War Camps in Arizona and Nevada, Author: Kathy Kirkpatrick
Title: Royalton, Middleport & Hartland Through Time, Author: Frederick G. Fierch
Title: Abandoned Virginia: Forgotten in Time, Author: Dave Bentley
Title: Abandoned Cincinnati, Author: Samuel Wright Smith
Title: Abandoned Madison County: The Demise of an Industrial Region, Author: David Humphrey
Title: The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan: The True Story of the Privateers of Lake Michigan and the Aircraft They Rescued, Author: Taras C. Lyssenko
Title: Exquisite Wickedness: Two Murders and the Making of Poe's
Title: Night Salvage: Haunting SoCal's Automotive Graveyards, Author: Troy Paiva
Title: Abandoned San Diego, Author: Jessica D. Johnson
Title: Rockland Through Time, Author: John Galluzzo
Title: The Morris Canal and the Age of Ingenuity: Climbing Mountains to Solve America's First Energy Crisis, Author: Kevin W. Wright
Title: Abandoned Farmhouses and Homesteads of Nebraska: Decaying in the Heartland, Author: Trish Eklund
Title: Abandoned Eastern Pennsylvania: Remnants of History, Author: Cindy Vasko
Title: Abandoned Salton Sea: Dystopian Panoramas, Author: Cindy Vasko
Title: Murders, Mysteries, and Misdemeanors of Las Vegas, Author: Janice Oberding
Title: Abandoned Detroit: Forgotten Beauties, Author: Naomi Chapman Pre-Order Now
Title: Graveyards of the Wild West: New Mexico, Author: Heather L. Moulton

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