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Title: Science for Potters, Author: Linda Bloomfield
Title: Electric Kiln Ceramics: A Guide to Clays, Glazes, and Electric Kilns, Author: Frederick Bartolovic
Title: 100 Tips, Tools, & Techniques for the ceramics studio, Author: Ash Neukamm
Title: Ceramic Transactions: Sintering of Advanced Ceramics, Author: C. Handwerker
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Title: Point Defects and Related Properties of Ceramics, Author: Thomas O. Mason
Title: Materials Science of Concrete IV, Author: Sidney Mindess
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Title: Clay & Cuisine : Techniques for the Studio, Recipes for the Kitchen, Author: Holly Goring
Title: Design for Manufacturability of Ceramic Components: Proceedings: Design for Manufacturability and Manufacture of Ceramic Components Symposium (96th: 1994: Indianapolis, Indiana), Author: Asish Ghosh
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Title: Ceramics in the Environment, Author: Janet Mansfield
Title: Innovative Processing and Synthesis of Ceramics, Glasses, and Composites II, Author: Narottam P. Bansal
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Title: Studio Ceramics: Advanced Techniques, Author: American Ceramic Society
Title: The Mud-Pie Dilemma: A Master Potter's Struggle to Make Art and Ends Meet, Author: John Nance
Title: Microwaves: First World Congress on Microwave Processing and RF Technology from Science to Application: Theory and Application in Materials Processing Iv, Author: David E. Clark
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Title: The Extruder Book, Author: Daryl E. Baird
Title: Ceramic Transactions: Advanced Characterization Techniques for Ceramics, Author: W. Young
Title: From A Slab of Clay, Author: Daryl E. Baird
Title: Glazes: Materials, Recipes and Techniques, Author: H. Anderson Turner III
Title: Ceramic Transactions: Ceramic Dielectrics: Composition, Processing and Properties, Author: Hung C. Ling
Title: Colour in Glazes, Author: Linda Bloomfield
Title: A CM Handbook on Copper Enameling, Author: Louis G. Farber

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