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Title: Short Fiction Of Kurt Vonnegut, Author: Peter Reed
Title: The Foremother Figure in Early Black Women's Literature: Clothed in my Right Mind, Author: Jacqueline K. Bryant
Title: From Shadow to Presence: Representations of Ethnicity in Contemporary American Literature, Author: Jelena Sesnic
Title: Lloyd Alexander, Author: James S. Jacobs
Title: Science Fiction in America, 1870s-1930s: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary Sources, Author: ABC-CLIO
Title: Understanding E.L. Doctorow, Author: Douglas Fowler
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Title: Moral Economy and American Realistic Novels, Author: Da Zheng
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Title: Melville's Classical Allusions: A Comprehensive Index and Glossary, Author: Gail H. Coffler
Title: The Music in African American Fiction, Author: Robert H. Cataliotti
Title: Donald Windham, Author: Bruce Kellner
Title: The Native American in American Literature: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography, Author: Roger Rock
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Title: The foreigner in early American drama: a study in attitudes, Author: Kent G. Gallagher
Title: Walter M. Miller, Jr., Author: Robert L. Battenfeld
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Title: Uncertain Mirrors: Magical Realism in US Ethnic Literatures, Author: Jesus Benito
Title: Henry Miller and Surrealist Metaphor:
Title: Three plays, Author: J. W. Crawford
Title: Dorothy Parker, Author: Randall Calhoun
Title: Immigrant Experience In North American Literature, Author: Katherine Payant
Title: Unsettling the Bildungsroman: Reading Contemporary Ethnic American Women's Fiction, Author: Stella Bolaki
Title: The Cambridge History of American Literature, Volume 4: Nineteenth-Century Poetry, 1800-1910, Author: Sacvan Bercovitch
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