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Title: Culture and Eschatology: The Iconographical Vision of Paul Evdokimov, Author: Peter C. Phan
Title: Midrashic Interpretations of the Song of Moses, Author: Herbert W. Basser
Title: Nuclear Pacifism:
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Title: The Footprints of Jesus' Twelve in Early Christian Traditions: A Study in the Meaning of Religious Symbolism, Author: Heinz O. Guenther
Title: Soviet Charismatics: The Pentecostals in the USSR, Author: William C. Fletcher
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Title: A Phenomenological Transformation of the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Author: Anthony J. Blasi
Title: Self-Deception and the Common Life, Author: Lloyd H. Steffen
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Title: In the Ways of Justice Toward Salvation: A Rhetorical Analysis of Isaiah 56-59, Author: Gregory J. Polan
Title: David Friedrich Strauss and His Critics:: The Life of Jesus Debate in Early Nineteenth-Century German Journals, Author: Edwina Lawler
Title: The Poetics of Love: Meditations with John of the Cross, Author: Mary E. Giles
Title: William of Nassington: Canon, Mystic, and Poet of the Speculum Vitae, Author: Ingrid J. Peterson
Title: Uprooting and Integration in the Writings of Simone Weil, Author: Betty L. McLane-Iles
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Title: Unborn Persons: Pope John Paul II and the Abortion Debate, Author: James J. McCartney
Title: Bible and Theology in The Netherlands / Edition 2, Author: Simon J. De Vries
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Title: The Transformation of the New England Theology, Author: Robert Clifton Whittemore
Title: From Font to Faith: John Wesley on Infant Baptism and the Nurture of Children, Author: David Ingersoll Naglee
Title: Common Ground: Christianity, African Religion and Philosophy, Author: Emmanuel Kalenzi Twesigye
Title: William Wake's Gallican Correspondence and Related Documents, 1716-1731: Vol. I: 24 January 1716 - 1 November 1719, Vol. II: 8 November 1719 - 4 February 1721 / Edition 1, Author: Leonard Adams
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Title: Reason and the Radical Crisis of Faith, Author: Shabbir Akhtar
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