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Title: The Boudoir Photography Cookbook: 60 Recipes for Tempting Photos, Author: Jennifer Rozenbaum
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Title: Infrared Photography: Digital Techniques for Brilliant Images, Author: Laurie Klein
Title: Beauty of Cannabis: 200 Strains of Marijuana, A Visual Guide, Author: Spurs Broken
Title: Create Fine Art Photographs from Historic Places and Rusty Things, Author: Lisa Cuchara
Title: Digital Black & White Landscape Photography: Fine Art Techniques from Camera to Print, Author: Gary Wagner
Title: The Moon: NASA Images from Space, Author: Beth Alesse
Title: Sexy Curves: Plus-Size Boudoir Photography Techniques, Author: Tammy Warnock
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Title: Elegant Boudoir Photography: Lighting, Posing, and Design for Exquisite Images, Author: Jessica Lark
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Title: Photograph Couples: How to Create Romantic Wedding and Engagement Portraits, Author: Tiffany Wayne
Title: Iceland: A Visual Tour, Author: Tony Sweet
Title: Figure Photography: Techniques for Digital Photographers, Author: Billy Pegram
Title: Sustainable, Sun-Grown Cannabis: A Visual Guide to Environmentally Friendly Marijuana, Author: Justin Cannabis
Title: Phone Photography for Everybody: Still Life Techniques for iPhone, Android & All Smartphones, Author: Beth Alesse
Title: Big Cats in The Wild: A Visual Essay of Lions, Jaguars, Leopards, Pumas, and More, Author: Joe McDonald
Title: Niagara Falls for Everybody: What to See and Enjoy-A Complete Guide, Author: Barbara A. Lynch-Johnt
Title: Wild Animal Portraits: A Visual Tour, Author: Thorsten Milse
Title: Senior Style: Fashion-Forward Photography Techniques for Studio and Location Portraits, Author: Tim Schooler
Title: Light & Pose: Master the Secrets of Wedding, Glamour, and Portrait Photography, Author: Rick Ferro
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Title: Hubble in Space: NASA Images of Planets, Stars, Galaxies, Nebulae, Black Holes, Dark Matter, & More, Author: Amherst Media
Title: Photographing Headshots: Techniques for Lighting and Posing the Close-Up, Author: Gary Hughes
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