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Title: The Redhead of Auschwitz: A True Story, Author: Nechama Birnbaum
Title: The Boy Behind The Door: How Salomon Kool Escaped the Nazis. Inspired by a True Story, Author: David Tabatsky
Title: Not A Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man's Fight for Freedom, Author: Robert Wolf
Title: The Cello Still Sings: A Generational Story of the Holocaust and of the Transformative Power of Music, Author: Janet Horvath
Title: The Glassmaker's Son: Looking for the World my Father left behind in Nazi Germany, Author: Peter Kupfer
Title: Running for Shelter: A True Story, Author: Suzette Sheft
Title: Holocaust Memoirs of a Bergen-Belsen Survivor & Classmate of Anne Frank, Author: Nanette Blitz Konig
Title: Flower of Vlora: Growing up Jewish in Communist Albania, Author: Anna Kohen
Title: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: Highlights of the Collection, Author: Marko Kassenaar
Title: The Apprentice of Buchenwald: The True Story of the Teenage Boy Who Sabotaged Hitler's War Machine, Author: Oren Schneider
Title: Brave Face: The Inspiring WWII Memoir of a Dutch/German Child, Author: I. Caroline Crocker
Title: Shoes of the Shoah: The Tomorrow of Yesterday, Author: Dorothy Pierce
Title: The Journey of a Hidden Child, Author: Harry Pila
Title: Under the Light of the Italian Moon: Inspired by a true story of love and women's resilience during the rise of fascism and WWII, Author: Jennifer Anton
Title: The Shoemaker's Son: The Life of a Holocaust Resister, Author: Laura Beth Bakst
Title: Sabine's Odyssey: A Hidden Child and her Dutch Rescuers, Author: Agnes Schipper
Title: Living among the Dead: My Grandmother's Holocaust Survival Story of Love and Strength, Author: Adena Bernstein Astrowsky
Title: Painful Joy: A Holocaust Family Memoir, Author: Max J. Friedman
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Title: When the Music Stopped: Willy Rosen's Holocaust, Author: Casey J. Hayes
Title: A Doorway to Heroism: A decorated German-Jewish Soldier who became an American Hero, Author: W. Jack Romberg

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