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Title: Poor People's Lawyers, Author: Marjorie Girth
Title: Factors Affecting Dispersal Distances of Small Organisms, Author: D. O. Wolfenbarger
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Title: The Brain Benders; A Study of the Effects of Isolation, Author: Charles A. Brownfield
Title: Inside Mao Tse-Tung's Thought: An Analytical Blueprint of His Actions by a Former Top Chinese Communist Leader, Author: Yeh Ch'ing
Title: Essays of a String Teacher; Come, Let Us Rosin Together, Author: Clifford A. Cook
Title: Influence of the Mongols of Russia: A Dimensional History, Author: Paul H. Silfen
June 16th
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Title: Tumble-Down Dick: The Fall of the House of Cromwell, Author: Earl Malcolm Hause
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Title: Hoof Beats North and South: Horses and Horsemen of the Civil War, Author: Sue Cottrell
Title: The Case for Liberal Socialism, Author: Burnham Putnam Beckwith
Title: Methodology of Mass Production in Career Education: A System for Successful Teaching, Author: Jack B. De Vore,Jr.
Title: Manhattan Transients; A Critical Essay, Author: Sharon Fusselman Mizener
Title: Understanding and Programming Computers, Author: Samiha Mourad
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Title: Relativistic Thermodynamics, Author: Richard A. Weiss
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Title: Apostles and Prophets: Medicine for Society's Ills, Author: Frederick Eberson
Title: Economic Development Planning in Ghana, Author: Kodwo Ewusi
Title: The Social Situation of Women in the Novels of Ellen Glasgow, Author: Elizabeth Gallup Myer
Title: Rational Metric Notation; The Mathematical Basis of Meters, Symbols, and Note-Values, Author: Paul Creston
Title: Suicide among Young Adults, Author: Alton Morgan Parker
Title: An Introductory Soils Laboratory Handbook, Author: Orton C. Butler

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