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Title: Northern Hearts, Author: Laurie Wood
Title: Hidden Danger, Author: Jennifer Pierce
Title: Her Unlikely Homecoming (Home to Harmony), Author: Rachelle Paige Campbell
Title: Northern Deception, Author: Laurie Wood
Title: Northern Protector (Heroes of the Tundra), Author: Laurie Wood
Title: Her Hometown Dream, Author: Rachelle Paige Campbell
Title: Aging Gracefully with the 23rd Psalm, Author: Sharon V. King
Title: Perfectly Imperfect, Author: Kara Leigh Miller
Title: The Glass Bottom Boat, Author: Laura Thomas
Title: Against All Odds, Author: Becca Hart
Title: When Hearts Collide, Author: Sara Beth Williams
Title: Defying Destiny (Divine Destiny), Author: Sharon René Pre-Order Now
Title: Dunked in Trouble, Author: Allison Pearl
Title: Child of Thresh: The Third Book of Chasmaria, Author: Lisa Dunn
Title: Return to Maren (The Exiled Trilogy), Author: Katherine Barger Pre-Order Now
Title: Grit of Berth and Stone: The First Book of Chasmaria, Author: Lisa Dunn
Title: Mackenzie Goode Makes a Mistake: A Big One, Author: Judith Natelli McLaughlin
Title: Child of Thresh, Author: Lisa Dunn
Title: Writing Home, Author: Amy R. Anguish
Title: Saving Mount Rushmore, Author: Andrea Jo Rodgers

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