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Title: Security in 21st Century Europe, Author: Andrew Cottey
Title: Subregional Cooperation in the New Europe: Building Security, Prosperity and Solidarity from the Barents to the Black Sea, Author: Andrew Cottey
Title: Understanding Chinese politics: An introduction to government in the People's Republic of China, Author: Neil Collins
Title: Security in the New Europe, Author: Andrew Cottey
Title: New Security Challenges In Postcommunist Europe: Securing Europe's East, Author: Andrew Cottey
Title: Soldiers and Societies in Post-Communist Europe: Legitimacy and Change, Author: Anthony Forster
Title: Reshaping Defence Diplomacy, Author: Anthony Forster
Title: Security In The New Europe / Edition 1, Author: Andrew Cottey
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Title: East-Central Europe After the Cold War: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary in Search of Security, Author: Andrew Cottey
Title: The European Neutrals and NATO: Non-alignment, Partnership, Membership?, Author: Andrew Cottey Pre-Order Now