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Title: A Lizard in the Sun: Conclusion of
Title: Only Love Matters: Interception by an Angel for a second chance at love, Author: Allan Jon Kretzmar
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Title: Demon Breathing Down My Neck, Author: Nick Mikel
#1 in Series
Title: Dream Angel, Author: Jo Wilde
Title: Angel's Kiss, Author: Melanie Tomlin
Title: The Deal, Author: S C Cunningham
#1 in Series
Title: The Candy Adventure, Author: Kenneth Ward
Title: Redemption, Author: Susanne M Beck
Title: Living with an angel: The angel series, Author: R.G. Myers
Title: Firebrand, Author: Gillian Philip
#1 in Series
Title: Angel in the Shadows, Book 1 by Lisa Grace: Angel Series, Author: Lisa Grace
Title: The Angel Garden: The Magical Journey, Author: Christine Behan
Title: Worst of All Evils, Author: Janet McClintock
#1 in Series
Title: Angel The Novel: Based On A True Story, Author: Daryl J. Utter
Title: New Beginnings (Everyday Angel Series #1), Author: Victoria Schwab
Title: The Assault (Recon Team Angel Series #1), Author: Brian Falkner
Title: Choir of Angels: Three Delightful Christmas Stories in One Volume, Author: Debbie Macomber
Title: Death Dealer, Author: Ashley Robertson
Title: Angel Vindicated, Author: Viola Estrella
Title: Heart of Stone (Irish Angel Series #1), Author: Jill Marie Landis

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