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Title: Nature Nurture Neither, Author: Jan Seale
Title: South of the Boredom, Author: Jerry Bradley
Title: Adventures from the Last Century, Author: Carl Craven
Title: Memoirs of a Biologist, Author: Gail Fail
Title: Fieldguide, Essays and Stories, Author: Steve Sherwood
Title: The Wild Part Craven, Author: Jerry Craven
Title: Oklahoma and Else, Author: Paul H. Williams
Title: Dancing on Barbed Wire, Author: Terry Dalrymple
Title: Ceremonial Stones of Fire, Author: Jerry Craven
Title: The Lords of Leftovers, Author: Dan Williams
Title: Field Guide, Author: Steve Sherwood
Title: The Lost Chronicles of Slue Foot Sue: And Other Tales of the Legendary, Author: Katherine Hoerth
Title: Magic, Mystery, Madness, Author: Andrew Geyer
Title: The Wild Part, Author: Craven Jerry
Title: The Jungle's Edge, Author: Jerry Craven
Title: Rapunzel's Parrot, Author: Jerry Bradley