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Title: Graphs with Giraffes, Author: E. T. Weingarten
Title: Near and Far with Birds, Author: Tyrone Mineo
Title: Compare with Bears, Author: Kate Mineo
Title: Panda Math: Learning About Subtraction from Hua Mei and Mei Sheng, Author: Ann Whitehead Nagda
Title: Sorting with Snakes, Author: Mary Rose McDonnell
Title: Dolphin Doubles, Author: Grace Vail
Title: Fractions with Fish, Author: Maeve Sisk
Title: Animal Math: Set 2, Author: Gareth Stevens Publishing
Title: Counting Lions, Author: Adeline Zubek
Title: Problem Solving with Pigs, Author: R. P. Harasymiw
Title: Two-Digit Numbers with Tadpoles, Author: Mary Rose Osburn
Title: Measuring with Monkeys, Author: Tracey Steffora
Title: Subtracting with Seals, Author: Charles Sellers
Title: Odd and Even with Otters, Author: Rory McDonnell
Title: Shapes with Sheep, Author: Mary Grace Osburn
Title: Taking Away with Tigers, Author: Tracey Steffora
Title: Adding with Apes, Author: Adele James
Title: Tell Time with Turtles, Author: Melissa McDonnell
Title: Adding with Ants, Author: Tracey Steffora
Title: Shapes with Snakes, Author: Tracey Steffora

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