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Title: Living on a Shoestring: Over 1000 Best-Kept Secrets to Stretch - and Save - Your Money, Author: Ann Fox Chodakowski
Title: Saving Money with the Tightwad Twins: More Than 1,000 Practical Tips for Women on a Budget, Author: Ann Fox
Title: 101 Ways to Stretch Your Dollars, Author: Ann Fox Chodakowski
Title: The Physiological Basis for Exercise and Sport / Edition 6, Author: Ann Fox
Title: Mom's Saving Money: Surviving and Thriving on a Shoestring Budget, Author: Ann Fox-Chodakowski
Title: Leading a Business in Anxious Times: A Systems-Based Approach to Becoming More Effective in the Workplace, Author: Leslie Ann Fox
Title: The NYU library of subroutines, Author: Phyllis Ann Fox