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Title: Tres Fantasmitas, Author: Pippa Goodhart
Title: Pecorino's First Concert, Author: Alan Madison
Title: Prudence and Moxie, Author: Deborah Noyes
Title: Mateo suelta sapos y culebras / Matthew Loose Toads and Snakes, Author: Daniel Monedero
Title: The Daddy Goose Treasury, Author: Vivian French
Title: Three Little Ghosties, Author: Pippa Goodhart
Title: Mouldy Monsters, Author: AnnaLaura Cantone
Title: Emociones y sentimientos / Emotions and Feelings, Author: Robert Piumini
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Title: ­Pap , no fui yo! / Daddy, it wasn't me!, Author: Ilan Brenman
Title: Pecorino Plays Ball, Author: Alan Madison