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Title: The Green Road: Poems 1977-1985, Author: Philip Holmes
Title: Mistress, Author: Alan Marshfield
Title: Spirits of the Place: New Poems, Author: Tony Connor
Title: Connections, Author: Robert Peters
Title: Release, Author: Michael Hewlings
Title: Unofficial Rilke, Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Title: Holderlin, Selected Verse, Author: Friedrich Holderlin
Title: Shadow and Bone: Poems 1981-1988, Author: Peter Levi
Title: Inventing the Fishes, Author: Sue Stewart
Title: First Time in Japan, Author: Anthony Howell
Title: Anhaga, Author: Gavin Bantock
Title: A Chiltern Hundred, Author: Keith Bosley
Title: Five Ages, Author: Peter Levi
Title: Last Quarter, Author: Ivan V. Lalic
Title: Selection of Poems, Author: John Birtwhistle
Title: Why I May Never See the Walls of China, Author: Anthony Howell
Title: In Witness, Author: Robert B B. Shaw
Title: Poetry World 2, Author: Daniel Weissbort
Title: Dream Telescope, Author: Miriam Waddington
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Title: Lucky Dust, Author: Christopher Logue

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