Title: That Time We Ate Our Feelings: 150 Recipes for Comfort Food From the Heart, Author: Lisa Lucas Pre-Order Now
Title: You've Goat This: Wisdom to Get You Through the Good, the Baaad, and Everything in Between, Author: Goats Gone Grazing Acres
Title: Serendipity: A History of Accidental Culinary Discoveries, Author: Oscar Farinetti
Title: The Vet at Noah's Ark: Stories of Survival from an Inner-City Animal Hospital, Author: Doug Mader
Title: The Nutmeg Trail: Recipes and Stories Along the Ancient Spice Routes, Author: Eleanor Ford
Title: Furry Planet: A World Gone Wild: Includes History, Costumes, and Conventions, Author: Joe Strike Pre-Order Now
Title: Mapping America: The Incredible Story and Stunning Hand-Colored Maps and Engravings that Created the United States, Author: Jean-Pierre Isbouts
Title: The World Beneath: The Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs, Author: Richard Smith
Title: Why Not?: Lessons on Comedy, Courage, and Chutzpah, Author: Mark Schiff
Title: Days of Lead: Defying Death During Israel's War of Independence, Author: Moshe Rashkes
Title: Bicycling for Ladies: The Classic 1896 Guide to Skills, Exercise, Mechanics, and Dress, Author: Maria E. Ward
Title: A Trucker's Tale: Wit, Wisdom, and True Stories from 60 Years on the Road, Author: Ed Miller
Title: The Dali Legacy: How an Eccentric Genius Changed the Art World and Created a Lasting Legacy, Author: Christopher Heath Brown
Title: How to Drink Like a Writer: Recipes for the Cocktails and Libations that Inspired 100 Literary Greats, Author: Apollo Publishers
Title: Raised a Warrior: A Memoir of Soccer, Grit, and Leveling the Playing Field, Author: Susie Petruccelli
Title: Pearls of Wisdom: Advice from a Dead Squirrel Who Knows Everything, Author: ME Pearl
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Title: One by One: A Memoir of Love and Loss in the Shadows of Opioid America, Author: Nicholas Bush
Title: The Bonds We Share: Images of Humanity, 40 Years Around the Globe, Author: Glenn Losack
Title: Still Standing: Finding Light Inside a Guatemalan Prison, The Battle of an Innocent Woman, Author: Anaite Alvarado
Title: Fire Islands: Recipes from Indonesia, Author: Eleanor Ford

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