Title: Writing the Other, Author: Nisi Shawl
Title: Elysium, Author: Jennifer Marie Brissett
Title: The Breath of the Sun, Author: Rachel Fellman
Title: Ring of Swords, Author: Eleanor Arnason
Title: Metamorphosis, Author: Alaya Dawn Johnson
Title: Unbecoming, Author: Lesley Wheeler
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Title: Lonely Stardust: Two Plays, a Speech, and Eight Essays, Author: Andrea Hairston
Title: The Adventure of the Incognita Countess, Author: Cynthia Ward
Title: Writing and Racial Identity, Author: Nisi Shawl
Title: To the Resurrection Station, Author: Eleanor Arnason
Title: With Her Body, Author: Nicola Griffith
Title: Hwarhath Stories: Transgressive Tales by Aliens, Author: Eleanor Arnason
Title: The Weave, Author: Nancy Jane Moore
Title: Roadsouls, Author: Betsy James
Title: The Stone Boatmen, Author: Sarah Tolmie
Title: The Sword Smith, Author: Eleanor Arnason
Title: Big Mama Stories, Author: Eleanor Arnason
Title: Liberating the Astronauts, Author: Christina M. Rau
Title: Ancient, Ancient, Author: Kiini Ibura Salaam
Title: We, Robots, Author: Sue Lang

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