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Title: Wildlife 911: On Patrol, Author: John Borkovich
Title: Motorcycling Across Wisconsin, Author: William Murphy
Title: Mackinac Island: Inside, Up Close, and Personal, Author: Dennis O. Cawthorne
Title: Snowblood's Journal: An American novel about men and dogs in Vietnam, Author: Bob Linsenman
Title: Paddling Michigan's Hidden Beauty: The Rivers, the Towns, the Taverns, Author: Doc Fletcher
Title: Gradual Clearing: Weather Reports from the Heart, Author: Karen Anderson
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Title: Naked in the Stream, Author: Vic Foerster
Title: Naked in the Stream: Isle Royal Stories, Author: Vic Foesrster
Title: Page One: Whiteout, Author: Nancy Barr
Title: Ride Michigan, Author: Bill Murphy
Title: Canoeing and Kayaking Wisconsin: The Rivers, the Towns, the Taverns, Author: Doc Fletcher
Title: Naked in the Stream: Isle Royale Stories, Author: Victor Foerster
Title: Motorcycling Across Indiana, Author: William M. Murphy
Title: Death at the Lighthouse: A Grand Island Riddle, Author: Loren Graham
Title: Michigan's US-12 Heritage Trail: America's Second Federal Highway, Author: Gladys Saborio
Title: Asylum for the Insane, Author: William Decker
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Title: Big Lessons from a Small Town, Author: Bill Schuette
Title: The Pink Pony: A Burr Lafayette Mystery, Author: Charles Cutter
Title: Historic Cottages of Mackinac Island, Author: Susan Stites
Title: On the Wings of Angels, Author: Philip H. McCorkle Jr.

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