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Title: Yhwh and the Sacred Secret, Author: Monte Perepelkin
Title: Bad Moon Rising: The Prom Night Murders Memoir, Author: Ed Morrison
Title: The Interim: A Horror Novel, Author: Seth Voorhees
Title: Just Ducky, Author: Barbara Anderson
Title: Why Cuba Matters: New Threats in America's Backyard, Author: Néstor T. Carbonell
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Title: A Simple Will for Dying Well: How to Handwrite Your Own Will without Witnesses, Notaries, or Lawyers, Author: Esq. Jay H. Turner III
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Title: Bloodline: A Historical Novel, Author: Anthony Thomas DiSimone
Title: Harry the Sand Crab, Author: Gaylee Warner
Title: 2050, Author: Kristian Zenz
Title: Snow Country Lane: A Novel, Author: Sarah Vail
Title: My Adventure: an Encounter with Life: A Memoir, Author: William Millard
Title: Change Agent: A Life Dedicated to Creating Wealth for Minorities, Author: James H. Lowry
Title: The Art of the IV Start: Common Techniques and Tricks of the Trade for Establishing Successful Peripheral Intravenous Lines, Author: Bob Rynecki MS Rn Ccrn-CMC
Title: A Ferrie Tale, Author: David T. Beddow
Title: On the Eighteenth of May, Author: Jordan R. Samuel
Title: Unsolved Case, Author: Syd Sullivan
Title: Unconditional Surrender: Witnessing History - May 1945: Nazi Germany's Surrender to the Allies Ending World War Ii in Europe, Author: Paul E. Zigo
Title: The World Looked Away: Vietnam After the War, Author: Dave Bushy
Title: Achieving Flight: The Life and Times of John J. Montgomery, Author: John G. Burdick
Title: Being the Unicorn: The Business Guide To Being Magical, Mystical, And Getting Noticed, Author: Gregg J. Herning

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