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Title: How To Ask For More and Get It: The Art Of Creative Negotiation, Author: Francis Greenburger
Title: The Harder Right: Stories of Conscience and Choice, Author: Arthur Dobrin
Title: Silent Thunder: A Civil War Story, Author: Andrea Pinkney
Title: The Commuter, Author: Patrick Oster
Title: Friends Along the Way, Author: Julia Markus
Title: Protect and Defend, Author: Eric L Harry
Title: Lulu, Author: Nancy Friday
Title: What Kids Want and Need From Parents, Author: Joseph Warren Gauld
Title: Father Knows Less, Author: Lee Kalcheim
Title: INVASION, Author: Eric L Harry
Title: I Never Came to You in White: A Novel About Emily Dickinson, Author: Judith Farr
Title: Uncle, Author: Julia Markus
Title: Lady Charlotte, Author: Judith Harkness
Title: A Thriver's Journey, Author: Daniel Himmel
Title: Toco and the Rabbit Jack, Author: Masahiro Hara
Title: Moving Waters, Author: Racelle Rosett
Title: The Greatship, Author: Robert Reed
Title: His Father Still: A Parenting Memoir, Author: Tim Hollister
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Title: The Codex Lacrimae, Part II: The Book of Tears, Author: A.J. Carlisle
Title: A Private Treason: A German Memoir, Author: Ingrid Greenburger

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