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Title: A Dental Odyssey: unlikely musings of a dentist, Author: Howard S Selden
Title: The X-Ray Man, Author: Mohan R D
Title: An Unusual Encounter, Author: Howard S Selden
Title: Exciting, Isn't It?: Volume One of Counterstroke, Author: David O'Neil
Title: December Radio, Author: Lazlo Ferran
Title: Destitution Intensified: Germany after World War II, Author: James Gervois
Title: The Winds of Change, Author: Duane Schwartz
Title: Seven Seniors, Author: Jack Adler
Title: Unsung Heroes of the Tar Heel State, Author: J Jackson Owensby
Title: Cremator's Revenge, Author: Margaret LeNois
Title: God's Healing Hands, Author: Michael Barbarulo
Title: Fetchenko, Author: Duane Schwartz
Title: Bellwood, OCD and Me, Author: Neil O'Donnell
Title: Little Cicero, Author: Duane Schwartz
Title: Gutting the Monkey, Author: James Iverson
Title: The Tales of the Fallen, Author: Nescher Pyscher
Title: Sex Abuse Ain't Just For Girls, Author: J. Jackson Owensby
Title: 100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers, Author: Jenettha J. Baines
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Title: Don't Go Alone, Author: Margaret LeNois
Title: A Thrill A Minute, Author: David O'Neil

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