Title: Destructive Obsession, Author: Ernie Lijoi Sr.
Title: A Thrill A Minute, Author: David O'Neil
Title: An Unusual Encounter, Author: Howard S Selden
Title: Hope in a Bottle, Author: Neil O'Donnell
Title: A Father's Son, Author: Robert B Marchand
Title: California Mystique, Author: Jack Adler
Title: Armageddon 2015: The Annunaki Enigma Series, Author: Symm Hawes McCord
Title: Calling Wren, Author: Neil O'Donnell
Title: Exciting, Isn't It?: Volume One of Counterstroke, Author: David O'Neil
Title: Calumet, Author: Duane Schwartz
Title: Figuring It Out With Grace, Author: J. D. Tynan
Title: The Drinking Man's Guide to Women (and Divorce), Author: Patrick O'Cahir
Title: Destitution Intensified: Germany after World War II, Author: James Gervois
Title: Buried Secrets, Author: Cheryl Kennedy
Title: Beyond the Pale, Author: K. Patrick Malone
Title: A Dental Odyssey: unlikely musings of a dentist, Author: Howard S Selden
Title: Unsung Heroes of the Tar Heel State, Author: J Jackson Owensby
Title: Divine Justice: The Creation, Author: George Karavidas
Title: Brass Knuckles: A Dave Haggard Thriller, Author: Larry Matthews
Title: An Unfinished House, Author: K. Patrick Malone

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