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Title: The Decline of the West: Perspectives of World-History, Author: Oswald Spengler
Title: The Ideology of Sameness, Author: Alain de Benoist
Title: The Greatness of Elites, Author: Maurice Muret
Title: The Science of Character, Author: Ludwig Klages
Title: The Bent Pyramid, Author: Tito Perdue
Title: The Wasp Question, Author: Andrew Fraser
Title: Retroculture: Taking America Back, Author: William S. Lind
Title: Generace Identity: Vyhlásení války, Author: Markus Willinger
Title: The Shock of History: Religion, Memory, Identity, Author: Dominique Venner
Title: The Future of the Intelligentsia & For a French Awakening, Author: Charles Maurras
Title: The Bow and the Club, Author: Julius Evola
Title: The Biocentric Worldview, Author: Ludwig Klages
Title: A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth, Author: Julius Evola
Title: The Perversion of Normality: From the Marquis de Sade to Cyborgs, Author: Kerry Bolton
Title: The Indo-Europeans: In Search of the Homeland, Author: Alain de Benoist
Title: Yockey: A Fascist Odyssey, Author: Kerry Bolton
Title: The Ten Commandments of Propaganda, Author: Brian Anse Patrick
Title: CBRN: Surviving Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Events, Author: Piero San Giorgio
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Title: Morning Crafts, Author: Tito Perdue
Title: Cosmogonic Reflections: Selected Aphorisms from Ludwig Klages, Author: Ludwig Klages

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