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Title: Jessica Diamond, Author: Jessica Diamond
Title: Matthew Brannon: To Say the Very Least, Author: Philip Monk
Title: Oliver Husain: Spoiler Alert, Author: Emelie Chhangur
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Title: The Saskia Olde Wolbers Files: And While I Have Been Lying Here Perfectly Still, Author: Saskia Olde Wolbers
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Title: Humberto Vélez: Aesthetics of Collaboration, Author: Luis Camnitzer
Title: Fiona Tan: Disassembling the Archive, Author: Fiona Tan
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Title: Glamour Is Theft: A User's Guide to General Idea: 1969-1978, Author: General Idea
Title: Pierre Bismuth, Author: Pierre Bismuth
Title: Raqs Media Collective: Casebook, Author: Raqs Media Collective
Title: Robert Therrien: Polaroids, Drawings, Author: Robert Therrien
Title: Christine Borland: Bullet Proof Breath, Author: Christine Borland
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Title: Mike Hoolboom's Invisible Man Between the Art Gallery and the Movie Theatre, Author: Philip Monk
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Title: The Films of Barbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, Author: Barbara Wagner Pre-Order Now
Title: Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins: Project for a New American Century, Author: Jennifer Marman
Title: Diane Borsato, Author: Philip Monk
Title: Double-Cross: The Hollywood Films of Douglas Gordon, Author: Douglas Gordon
Title: Will Munro: History, Glamour, Magic, Author: Luis Jacob
Title: Carla Zaccagnini: No, It is Opposition., Author: Michael Maranda
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Title: Mark Manders: Singing Sailors, Author: Mark Manders
Title: Spirit Hunter The Haunting of American Culture by Myths of Violence: Speculations on Jeremy Blake's Winchester Trilogy, Author: Jeremy Blake