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Title: The Scattering Of Electromagnetic Waves From Rough Surfaces, Author: Petr Beckmann
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Title: Advanced Techniques For Digital Receivers, Author: Phillip E. Pace
Title: Logarithmic Amplification, Author: Richard Smith Hughes
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Title: Introduction To Electronic Defense Systems, Author: Filippo Neri
Title: The Radar Evaluation Handbook, Author: David et all Barton
Title: Fundamentals Of Electronic Warfare, Author: Sergei A. Vakin
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Title: Synthetic-Aperture Radar And Electronic Warfare, Author: Walter W. Goi
Title: Airborne Early Warning Systems Concepts, Author: Maurice W Long
Title: Radar Propagation At Low Altitudes, Author: M. Littleton Meeks
Title: Secondary Surveillance Radar, Author: Michael Stevens
Title: Radar Systems Performance Modeling, Author: G. Richard Curry
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Title: Electronic Warfare Receiving Systems, Author: Dennis D. Vaccaro
Title: Theory and Practice of Radar Target Indentification, Author: August W. Rihaczek
Title: Digital Techniques For Wideband Receivers / Edition 2, Author: James B. Y. Tsui
Title: Principles Of High-Resolution Radar, Author: August W. Rihaczek
Title: Radar Signal Simulation, Author: Richard L. Mitchell
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Title: Pulse Compression, Author: David K. Barton
Title: Radar Cross Section Second Edition, Author: Eugene F. Knott
Title: Surface-Based Air Defense System Analysis, Author: Robert H. M. Macfadzean
Title: Principles Of Radar And Sonar Signal Processing, Author: Francios Le Chevalier

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