Title: 20 Days Changed Everything: A Love Story: Moving Through Conscious Death to Afterlife Connection, Author: Becki Koon
Title: Great Loss, Greater Love: The Art & Heart of Navigating Grief, Author: Paula Meyer
Title: beLEEve: A Journey of Loss, Healing and Hope, Author: Rosanne Groover Norris
Title: When Angels Speak: 22 Angel Communicators Connect You To The Guidance Of The Angels, Author: Kyra Schaefer
Title: Helping Children Grieve Through Sacred Actions and Images, Author: Michelle Ryan
Title: Healer: 22 Expert Healers Share Their Wisdom To Help You Transform, Author: Schaefer Kyra
Title: Perfectly Plated: A Hands-On Guide To Digestive Health And Nutritional Wealth, Author: Laura Garwood
Title: Ordinary Oneness: The Simplicity of Everyday Love, Grace and Hope, Author: Kyra Schaefer
Title: Drink Eat Clean Cafe: Over 150 Recipes for You and Your Pets, Author: Joanie Veage
Title: Empty Nest Full Throttle 2, Author: Marianne Hudspeth
Title: Selling Emotionally Transformative Services: Business and Self-Worth Advice Holistic Practitioners Need to Know, Author: Todd M Schaefer
Title: Manifestations: True Stories Of Bringing The Imagined Into Reality, Author: Kyra Schaefer
Title: WTF: Willing To Forgive, Author: Suzanne Harmony
Title: The Magic of Transformation: Igniting & Manifesting Your Soul Desires, Author: Nadia S. Krauss
Title: When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation, And The Book Of Job, Author: Anne Mackie Morelli
Title: Journey To Soul: Discovering Your Authentic Life, Author: Maggie Morris
Title: When I Rise, I Thrive: Healing Trauma Through Shared Stories of Personal Transformation, Author: Kyra C Schaefer
Title: Happy Thoughts Playbook: Exercises, Stories and Ideas Keeping You Joyful In A Changing World, Author: Kyra Schaefer