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Title: Astrophysical Enigmas, Author: Sudhir Kumar Dhar
Title: Documentary Study of the Warsaw Pact, Author: Jagdish Prasad Jain
Title: Theory and Practice of Modern Guerrilla Warfare, Author: Baljit Singh
Title: British Power in the Punjab, 1839-1858, Author: N. M. Khilnani
Title: Indian Writing in English, Author: K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar
Title: Apprentice, Author: Arun Joshi
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Title: The Mundas and Their Country, Author: Sarat Chandra Roy
Title: Industrial Relations in India, Author: Charles A. Myers
Title: Recall Lapse in Demographic Enquiries, Author: Ranjan Kumar Som
Title: Communication and Modernization in Urban Slums, Author: Vishwa Mohan Mishra
Title: Political Participation in a Developing Nation: India, Author: Madan Lal Goel
Title: Economics of Hire-Purchase Credit: A Study of the Economic Aspects of Hire-Purchase Credit, Its Bearing on Economic Stability and Techniques of Economic Control of Such Credit, Author: Saroj Kumar Basu
Title: Dances of India: A General Guide and a Users' Handbook, Author: Reginald Massey
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Title: Early American Interest in Vedanta: Pre-Emersonian Interest in Vedic Literature and Vedantic Philosophy, Author: Jacob Purnachandra Rao Rayapati
Title: Disguised Unemployment in an Underdeveloped Economy, Its Nature and Measurement, Author: J. S. Uppal
Title: Religion of the Sikhs, Author: Gopal Singh
Title: Milton and the Nature of Man: A Descriptive Study of 'Paradise Lost' in Terms of the Concept of Man As the Image of God, Author: Arapara Ghevarghese George
Title: Price and Non-Price Competition: Dynamics of Marketing, Author: Mokhtar M. Metwally
Title: The Role of Universities in the Developing Philippines, Author: Epifania R. Castro Resposo
Title: An Introduction to Research Procedure in Social Sciences, Author: M. H. Gopal

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