Title: Should Junk Food Be Sold in Schools?, Author: Roman Espejo
Title: Vaccines, Author: Noel Merino
Title: Caffeine, Author: Amy Francis
Title: Cancer, Author: Jacqueline Langwith
Title: Medical Malpractice, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Why is Autism on the Rise?, Author: Clayton Farris Naff
Title: Bulimia, Author: Adriane Ruggiero
Title: Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?, Author: Clayton Farris Naff
Title: Childhood Obesity, Author: Tamara Thompson
Title: Food Safety, Author: Judeen Bartos
Title: Organ Transplants, Author: Diane Andrews Henningfeld
Title: Is the Western Diet Making the World Sick?, Author: Susan C. Hunnicut
Title: The Ethics of Cloning, Author: David M. Haugen
Title: Superfoods, Author: Roman Espejo
Title: Anorexia, Author: Stefan Kiesbye
Title: The Ethics of Medical Testing, Author: Tamara Thompson
Title: Can Diets Be Harmful?, Author: Amy Francis
Title: Genetically Modified Food, Author: Tamara Thompson
Title: Pandemics, Author: Jacqueline Langwith
Title: The Affordable Care Act, Author: Tamara Thompson

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