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Title: Stumbling in the Public Square, Author: James L. Merriner
Title: The Lighthouse, Author: Patrick Vitullo
Title: The Bus Ride, Author: Richard D Bank
Title: The Tree of Sorrow, Author: Richard D Bank
Title: The Black Alabaster Box, Author: Frances Schoonmaker
Title: The Red Abalone Shell, Author: Frances Schoonmaker
Title: Sid Johnson and the Phantom Slave Stealer, Author: Frances Schoonmaker
Title: The Phantom of Skid Row, Author: Harry Ringel
Title: I Am Terezin, Author: Richard D Bank
Title: The Last Crystal, Author: Frances Schoonmaker
Title: Shemhazai's Game: A Novel, Author: Harry Ringel
Title: The Borderland Between Worlds: A Memoir, Author: Ayesha F. Hamid
Title: Of Love and Death: Young Holocaust Survivors' Passage to Freedom, Author: Miriam Segal Shnycer
Title: Unclaimed Soul: A Memoir, Author: Patti Callahan
Title: Abandon All Hope: A Novel, Author: Scott Spires
Title: A Boy Named Trout, Author: Mercy Strongheart
Title: DRY RUN: A Memoir, Author: Nikki MacCallum
Title: Breaking Infinity: A Memoir, Author: Cristina Utti
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Title: Nirer Maya, Author: Dipti Chakrabarti
Title: Our Dementia: A Memoir, Author: Tracy  Kauffman Wood

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