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Title: A Stroke of Luck: Or a Beginner's Guide to Being Hospitalised and What You Can Reasonably Expect!, Author: Christopher Moore (4)
Title: My Hollydog, Author: Charise Leemis
Title: If You See Him, Let Me Know, Author: Todd London
Title: Critter, Author: Michael McClendon
Title: White Slave, Author: Charles 'Big Chick' Huntsberry
Title: Grandpa Is Now in Heaven, Author: Kasie Kennedy
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Title: The Letter No One Would Read, Author: Andrew Penny
Title: Very Practical Magic, Author: Nicola Kelleher
Title: I Am Therian, Author: R M A Wulf
Title: The Last Red-Line Brig, Author: Peter Carini
Title: Mermaid Spell, Author: Ellie A. Goss
Title: Annie and the Butterfly Fairies, Author: Paula Wilkes
Title: Against All Gods: The Way to Humanism, Author: David Findlay Clark
Title: Pouring Poetry, Author: Bianca V. Gonzalez
Title: Nightshades of New Orleans, Author: James Quinn
Title: The Secret Files of Phineas Foster, Author: G. B. Gurland
Title: Clavius: The Hapless Tooth Fairy, Author: Adrienne Smith
Title: The Dakini Deck Book, Author: Susan Q Brown
Title: Touch Down, Author: Tim Parker
Title: Funny Little Rhymes for Funny Little Kids, Author: Nicola Franklin

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