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Title: Little Norah's Really Big Hair, Author: Caitlyn VanderVeen
Title: Fear Not All, Author: Mark Miller
Title: Gaia's Journey, Author: Christine Paris
Title: Rugby Tries and Knock Ons: Tales of a college rugby player in New England and the game that gave birth to American football, Author: Connor Murphy
Title: Owed to My Mother, Author: N. T. Keahon
Title: Ghost of the Nightingale, Author: Patrick J Gorman
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Title: Budapest: A History of Grandeur and Catastrophe, Author: Joe Hajdu
Title: Living With the Little Devil Man, Author: Lina Lisetta
Title: Spain, Guard my Bones, Author: Jack Thompson
Title: The Russian Galatea, Author: Ira David Wood III
Title: Climate Change And The Cargo Cult, Author: Chris Cunningham
Title: Getting Ready for Christmas, Author: L. A. Meagher
Title: Mom Said, I Said: The Sayings of a Fourteen-Year-Old Girl to the International Community Based on Her Mother's Poems, Author: Ava Sel
Title: Two Times Platinum, Author: Lloyd Z. Remick
Title: The Cursed Prince, Author: Anne Marshall
Title: May You Burn, Author: Jan Merete Weiss
Title: The God Particle Conspiracy, Author: Don Phelan
Title: Puppet Planet, Author: Rita Turvey
Title: Venomous Faith, Author: Barbara Thiele
Title: Angel of Darkness, Author: Mary Yates

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