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Title: Revelations: The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Author: Xavier Reyes-Ayral
Title: A Jigsaw Life, Author: Angela Carlton
Title: Marco's Journey and Other Stories, Author: S.P. Peredo
Title: Some Things I Think I Said, Author: Steve Waltman
Title: The Lady in the Woods, Author: Maria Bluni
Title: Leaving Patriarchy Behind, Author: Leticia Aguilar
Title: Justice or Not, Author: Paul Harrington Sr
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Title: Some Kind of Girl, Author: Caroline Kautsire
Title: Harry's New Adventure, Author: Mickey Zinczenko
Title: Chicago Detective Jack Fallon in the Mystery of the Exotic Escort Murders, Author: Bob Kelly
Title: This is My Home, Author: Ana
Title: A Detective from Small Town America, Author: Gabe Kemling
Title: Behold a Pale Horse, Author: B. Milton Hyde
Title: The Waymakers, Author: Carly Goggins
Title: Henry's Day Out, Author: Kathy Gallegos
Title: Moral Demise, Author: Joseph Briganti
Title: Gone but Not Forsaken, Author: Gary M. Williams
Title: Doing Dishes, Author: Kirk Herbst
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Title: Raskal Finds a Friend, Author: Raquel Ryan
Title: Earl: The Christmas Tree Spider, Author: Erin Rafanello Ferguson

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