Title: 43 Days of Reflections and Ruminations, Author: Tom Fahey Pre-Order Now
Title: Doing Dishes, Author: Kirk Herbst
Title: Bean Fate, Author: James Arnett Pre-Order Now
Title: I'm OK, Author: Savanah Boike
Title: Sad Santa, Author: Bonnie Linder
Title: Quiet Mike Speaks, Author: Michael Palmieri
Title: The Deacon and the Shield, Author: John E. Howard
Title: A Rose Trampled, Author: Dianna Thomas Ph.D.
Title: A Misguided Thought, Author: Jaelyn D. Jordan
Title: Meant for Each Other, Author: Lou Schulist
Title: The Timekeeper Chronicles: Book 1, Author: J. L. Mihulka
Title: Freedom Village, Author: Gay Kamber Seltzer
Title: Luffle McScruffle, Author: Mandy Dokie
Title: Raising Little Stripe, Author: Joyce Hoberg Kaatz
Title: Doggie of Side Streets, Author: Jeanette Skirvin
Title: When the People Stayed Home, Author: Jennifer Medlin Bridgeman
Title: Evanshard Glade, Author: Dennis K. Hausker
Title: Gone but Not Forgotten, Author: Gary M Williams
Title: All the Special Colors, Author: Karleen Brennan
Title: If You Were Awake on Christmas Eve, Author: Rick Green

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