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Title: Bennie Bear's Dream, Author: Rachel LaMar
Title: A Day with Aj: First Day of School, Author: Mabel Reyes
Title: The Protectors, Author: Jolynn Angelini
Title: The Boat That Brings You Home: Set in the Sultry Caribbean Sea, Author: Bonnie Kogos
Title: Looking Through a Glass Darkly, Author: Jan Chadwick
Title: A Collective Bargain, Author: John Schierer
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Title: Irreversible, Author: Taylor Mason
Title: Snow Day: Book 2 in the The Bully Trilogy, Author: Cheron Holland
Title: Little Autumn Rose: A Day in the Secret Forest, Author: Marcy Saladino Cox
Title: God's Right There, Author: Emily Kronenwetter
Title: Of Human Hubris: A Historical Novel of World War 1, Author: James Kreis
Title: When Tigers Streak: The Michael Hart Story, Author: Paul Taylor
Title: The Perfect Jeweler, Author: Laura C. Walters
Title: Sunset over Happy Farm, Author: Mark Thomas McDonough
Title: Medicine and Miracles in the High Desert: My Life Among the Navajo People, Author: Erica M. Elliott M.D.
Title: Remember Me Black Child and Other Poems, Author: Etimbuk J. Inyang
Title: God Is . . ., Author: Jessica D. Cleveland
Title: Heathens Go to Heaven Too, Author: Lisa Kpotie
Title: Crossing the Schism: Catholics and Protestants Share the Same Core Beliefs, Author: John D. Smatlak
Title: Funky Charlie, Author: Tysheena Ross

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