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Title: Ava & Carol Detective Agency: The Mystery of the Pharaoh's Diamonds, Author: Thomas Lockhaven
Title: Finding Ava, Author: Bryanna Ford
Title: Ava Episode One, Author: Odette C. Bell
Title: Beneath the Glitter (Sophia and Ava London Series #1), Author: Elle Fowler
Title: Ava and Pip (Ava and Pip Series #1), Author: Carol Weston
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Title: Demon Dog (V.B.I. #1), Author: Claire Farrell
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Title: Ava the Monster Slayer, Author: Lisa Maggiore
Title: Desired By The Alien Prince (Alien Abduction Series, #1), Author: Ava Acitore
Title: TELL ME NO LIES, Author: Lynn Chandler Willis
Title: A Scandalous Wife, Author: Ava Stone
Title: Twist of Faith, Author: Ellen J. Green
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Title: The Adventures of Ava and Addison: The Missing Baby Monkey, Author: Ellen L Pfaff
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Title: The Deadly Touch of the Tigress (Ava Lee Series #1), Author: Ian Hamilton
Title: Ava & Carol Detective Agency Series: Books 1-3 (Book Bundle 1), Author: Thomas Lockhaven
Title: Letters from the Dead: An Ava O'Neill Mystery, Author: Kristi Torkildson
Title: The Sword of Moses, Author: Dominic Selwood
Title: Das Gottessiegel, Author: Dominic Selwood
Title: Ava the Angel, Author: Allyson Neal
Title: Zombie Moon Rising (A Peter Brannigan Novella), Author: Claire Farrell
Title: Skin Game (Ava Gray's Skin Series #1), Author: Ava Gray

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