Title: Did the Sun Kiss You Today?, Author: Olivia Snow
Title: Marvlt and Goreg Get in Big Trouble with a Dinosaur, Author: Connor Anstiss
Title: Yes, Jesus, Author: Ann Chapman
Title: High in the Andes and Beyond the Valley, Author: James H. Herrera
Title: Jazzy the Explorer, Author: Ellie Gorton
Title: Max's Gift, Author: Carolyn Bradley
Title: The Great Magical Book, Author: Amrit Lal
Title: Lenny the Lab Goes to the Dog Park, Author: Stephanie Boomer
Title: Fluffy Bum's Tail: The Adventures of Fluffy Bum, Dude and Mazzy Wazzy, Author: Carol Conte
Title: Amy Eight Track: A Young Girl Born with Down Syndrome Shows Her Winning Abilities, Author: Theresa Gonzales
Title: Button Bunny First Day of School, Author: Marquis Powe
Title: They're Here!, Author: C. M. Caffey
Title: Grandpa's Perfect Plan, Author: Sue Zahller
Title: G'Night Grampa: Bedtime Stories, Author: A. Lee Hodgins
Title: Corky Tails: Tales of a Tailless Dog Named Sagebrush: Sagebrush and the Disappearing Dark Sky, Author: Joni Franks
Title: Everybody Doesn't Have to Love Me, Author: Mark Pemberton
Title: Gabe Gets His Cape, Author: Emy Pavelka Jones
Title: Digging Knee Deep, Author: Donna Gill
Title: Savvy Sam's Search for Self, Author: Jamie Barrett
Title: Don't Call Me Bee Bee!!!, Author: Angele Rose

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