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Title: For the Greater Success, Author: Christina M. Long
Title: OMG! My God, My God, Author: Yusef Harris
Title: The Last Man, Author: Wilma Holloway
Title: One and Done: The Korleone Young Story:, Author: Ed.D Kevin Harrison
Title: Red Door Traditions, Author: Okemah B Holloway
Title: Misery to Motivation, Author: Riccardo L. Harris
Title: Summer's Rain, Author: Cortney Holloway
Title: A Place Called In-Between, Author: Dr. Mary L. Haralson
Title: Cameron Banks the Reality Show, Author: Kevin Harrison
Title: Madam Honey, Author: Trina Beasley
Title: MIMI, Author: Trina Beasley
Title: The Inspired Advocate: 8 Attributes Every Advocate Must Embrace, Author: Rhonda K. Hicks
Title: Effective Immediately, Author: Gail Anderson