Title: Hunkpapa Sioux, Author: Richard L. DuMont
Title: Echoes of Esharam, Author: Robert Davies
Title: The Primus Initiative, Author: Robert Davies
Title: Specimen 959, Author: Robert Davies
Title: Going Dark, Author: Jolene Grace
Title: Just Bill, Author: Barry Knister
Title: Run Rachael Run, Author: Patricia Paris
Title: Beneath the Rainbow, Author: Lisa Shambrook
Title: The Butterfly, Author: Paul M. Hedeen
Title: The Steel Van Man, Author: Jason Stadtlander
Title: The King's Seal, Author: Amy Kuivalainen
Title: The Andromeda's Ghost, Author: Becca Fox
Title: Not Alone: A Graphic Novel, Author: Sophocles Sapounas
Title: In Creeps the Night, Author: Marissa Ames
Title: Dark Flowers, Author: Caytlyn Brooke
Title: Knowing, Author: Shawna Allard
Title: Vengeance Is Mine, Author: Phillip Hardy
Title: The Green Years, Author: Karen Wolff
Title: IA: Initiate, Author: John Darryl Winston
Title: A Mound Over Hell, Author: Gary Morgenstein

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