Title: A Witchly Influence, Author: Stephanie Grey
Title: Bishop to Queen, Author: Lexy Wolfe
Title: Look to the Sun, Author: Emmie Mears
Title: Lone Oak, Author: Phillip Hardy
Title: The Secret of Dinswood, Author: Ellen Alexander
Title: The Green Years, Author: Karen Wolff
Title: Shelter: Lost & Found, Author: R.A. Conroy
Title: Shh... It's Our Secret, Author: Lizzie Chantree
Title: The Immortal City, Author: Amy Kuivalainen
Title: A Murderous Game, Author: Patricia Paris
Title: The Sea of the Dead, Author: Amy Kuivalainen
Title: IA: B.O.S.S., Author: John Darryl Winston
Title: Sanction Four, Author: Kurt Winans
Title: The King's Seal, Author: Amy Kuivalainen
Title: Money and the Human Condition, Author: Douglas Obey
Title: SKA: Serial Killers Anonymous, Author: William Schlichter
Title: Madame Koska & le Spectre de la Rose, Author: Ilil Arbel
Title: An Unfortunate Journey, Author: Sara Daniell
Title: How I Changed My Life in a Year!, Author: Shelley Wilson
Title: Trailer Baby, Author: Kathryn Sanoden Pearson

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