Title: Coach's Private Lessons: Hot Gay Erotica, Author: Keith Yates
Title: Bad: Six Sexy Gents Unmasked, Author: Elle Brace
Title: Winter Tales, Author: T.M. Mendes
Title: I Never Kissed a Girl Before: Hot Lesbian Erotica, Author: Miranda Mars
Title: Carnal Spellbound: Gay Hypnotism Erotica, Author: Gideon Elliot
Title: Under the Mistletoe, Author: Amy Redek
Title: Pacific Beach: Hot Gay Erotica, Author: Chris Johns
Title: The Laura and Shontay Chronicles Complete Series: Hot Lesbian Erotica, Author: Miranda Mars
Title: Adventures at the Lake: Gay Erotica, Author: Dick Clinton
Title: Wives, Husbands and Lovers: A Collection of Nine Sex Stories, Author: Ben E. Dorm
Title: The Hostage: Gay Romance, Author: Hank Brooks
Title: Soul Watch, Author: Ember T.
Title: What I Want To Do To Her: 7 Explicit Stories In 1, Author: Just Plain Bob
Title: Handcuffs, Kisses and Awkward Situations, Author: Olivia Harvard
Title: Coming Together, Author: Amy Redek
Title: Deepest and Darkest: 10 Secret Desire Stories in 1, Author: Just Plain Bob
Title: Blackmailed Nanny: Servicing the Help, Author: Jack Ryder
Title: Leslie's Kinks: Erotic Sexual Discoveries, Author: Just Plain Bob
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Title: Drive My Engine, Rookie: Gay Firemen Erotica, Author: Angus MacGregor
Title: Farell: Hot Romance Erotica, Author: Amy Redek

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