Title: Alice's Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land, Author: Liz Adams
Title: Alice's Erotic Adventures Through the Mirror, Author: Liz Adams
Title: The Writer's Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book, Author: Beth Dora Barany
Title: Ariel's Super Power of Love: The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman (A Short Novel), Author: Liz Adams
Title: Into The Black: A Sci-Fi Mystery, Author: Beth Barany
Title: Mastering Deep Point of View: Simple Steps to Make Your Stories Irresistible to Your Readers, Author: Alice Gaines
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Title: Overcome Writer's Block: 10 Writing Sparks to Ignite Your Creativity, Author: Beth Barany
Title: Gone Green: A Sci-Fi Mystery, Author: Beth Barany
Title: Henrietta the Dragon Slayer, Author: Beth Barany
Title: I Was Born in an Old Age Home: A Memoir, Author: Susanne Kalter DeWitt
Title: 36 Righteous: A Serial Killer's Hit List, Author: Ezra Barany
Title: Lured By Light, Author: Beth Barany
Title: The Psalms: An Original, Clear Translation of the Hebrew Tehillim, Author: Ronald Barany
Title: Goldie's Locks and the Three Men (An Erotic Fairy Tale Fantasy for Women), Author: Liz Adams
Title: The Torah Codes, Author: Ezra Barany
Title: 6 Short Stories of Suspense - Edited by Ezra Barany, Author: Autumn Dove
Title: Blood and Fury: A Historical Memoir of the 1919 Pogroms in Ukraine, Russia, Author: Hannah Weiner