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Title: To the Hessian Hills, Author: Dirk Hessian
Title: Hard Knocks U, Author: habu
Title: Gaijin Kagema: American Cowboy Serving Gay Tokyo, Author: Habu
Title: Sounding Five, Author: Habu
Title: Clouds and Rain, Author: Dirk Hessian
Title: Dark Angel Sounding (A Gay BDSM Erotica), Author: Habu
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Title: Beyond the Beaded Curtain: An Anthology of Gay First Times, Author: habu
Title: Deliver a Virgin, Author: Dirk Hessian
Title: Fetish: Penile Play, Author: Habu
Title: Chain Gangbanged, Author: Habu
Title: Stallion Station, Author: Habu
Title: Loyal to His King, Author: Sabb
Title: A Question of Restraint, Author: Habu
Title: Racing With the Devil, Author: Habu
Title: Dirty Pool (Gay Erotic Thriller / Gay Romance), Author: Shabbu
Title: Constantinople (A Gay Erotica Historical), Author: Dirk Hessian
Title: Political Abuse: Politicians' Answer to Me Too, Author: Habu
Title: Puttin on the Ritz, Author: Dirk Hessian
Title: Grab Bag 4: A Gay Erotica Anthology, Author: habu
Title: Flying High, Diving Deep, Author: habu

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