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Title: The Killing Zone: My Life in the Vietnam War, Author: Frederick Downs
Title: A Nation without Borders: The United States and Its World in an Age of Civil Wars, 1830-1910, Author: Steven Hahn
Title: Building the Power-Efficient PC, Author: Jerzy Kolinski
Title: PC Upgrade and Repair Bible, Author: Barry Press
Title: Tom Thumb: The Remarkable True Story of a Man in Miniature, Author: George Sullivan
Title: The Haunted House Diaries: The True Story of a Quiet Connecticut Town in the Center of a Paranormal Mystery, Author: William J. Hall
Title: PC Upgrade and Repair Bible: Professional Edition, Author: Barry Press
Title: Teach Yourself PCs, Author: Barry Press
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Title: The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations, Author: Christopher Lasch
Title: My First Summer in the Sierra, Author: John Muir
Title: The Most Famous Writer Who Ever Lived: A True Story of My Family, Author: Tom Shroder
Title: Windward Passage, Author: Jim Nisbet
Title: American Murder Houses: A Coast-to-Coast Tour of the Most Notorious Houses of Homicide, Author: Steve Lehto
Title: The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas, Author: Jerry Dennis
Title: Trail Hand: A Western Story, Author: R. W. Stone
Title: Networking by Example, Author: Barry Press
Title: Shares, Author: A. W. Gray Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: Lincoln's Greatest Journey: Sixteen Days that Changed a Presidency, March 24 - April 8, 1865, Author: Noah Andre Trudeau
Title: The Math Myth: And Other Stem Delusions, Author: Andrew Hacker
Title: Double Ace: The Life of Robert Lee Scott Jr., Pilot, Hero, and Teller of Tall Tales, Author: Robert Coram

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