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Title: The Great Gatsby
Title: Strictly Ballroom
Title: Australia
Title: William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Title: Moulin Rouge
Title: Australia/the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel/My Life in Ruins/the Descendants
Title: Moulin Rouge/William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Title: Moulin Rouge/Romeo & Juliet
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Title: Aviator/the Great Gatsby
Title: Australia/Moulin Rouge/Romeo & Juliet
Title: Walk the Line/William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Title: Moulin Rouge/Tristan and Isolde
Title: Ever After/Moulin Rouge/Tristan & Islolde/William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet
Title: Anna and the King/Australia/Ever After
Title: Moulin Rouge /Moulin Rouge
Title: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes/Moulin Rouge
Title: The Fox-MGM Hollywood Musicals Collection
Title: Red Curtain Trilogy
Title: Leonardo Dicaprio Triple Feature
Title: Romeo + Juliet/(500) Days of Summer

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