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Title: Virginia Mayo, Author: L.C. Van Savage
Title: The Gift of the Magic: and other enchanting character-building stories for smart teenage girls who want to grow up to be strong women, Author: Richard Showstack
Title: Me and My Shadows: Shadow Puppet Fun for Kids of All Ages, Author: Elizabeth Adams
Title: Big BUF: Tales of the B-52 Bombers, The SAC Pilots Who Flew Them & the Wives They Left Behind in the Era of the Vietnam War, Author: Merelyn Holmes
Title: CIRCA 1957-2nd Edn Revised & Expanded: Coming of Age, Girls, Cars and Rock & Roll-A Novel by Chuck Klein, Author: Chuck Klein
Title: The Misbirth, Author: D. B. Moffatt
Title: To Norma Jeane with Love, Jimmie, Author: LC Van Savage
Title: Farewell, Route 66, Author: Michael Lund
Title: Route 66 Kids, Author: Michael Lund
Title: The Promise of America: & selected short stories, Author: Helmut Stefan
Title: Lure of the Long-Legged Blonde, Author: Norman Mark
Title: Miss Route 66, Author: Michael Lund
Title: Route 66 Chapel, Author: John Lund
Title: Feathers in the Wind, Author: Helmut Stefan
Title: Growing Up on Route 66, Author: Michael Lund
Title: Inauguration Day 2013, Author: Bernard Frank Fernandez
Title: The Guy Who Returned Elvis' Ring, Author: Frank Fernandez
Title: Rhythm of the Sea: Short Stories by Shari Cohen, Author: Shari Cohen
Title: The Way It Was - - 2nd Edition, Revised and expanded: Nostalgic Talesof Hotrods and Romance, Author: Billy Lutz
Title: The Spy with a Clean Face, Author: Russell R Miller

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